About Alankritaa

The concept and philosophy of Alankritaa is the interpretation of beauty in every aspect of life. We don’t create it – it’s there to be seen. Our job – to make it conspicuously so!

At Alankritaa, we weave the traditional Indian art with contemporary creations in an amazingly seamless fashion. With Indian weddings assuming greater levels of grandeur like never before, Mehandi too is no longer a body art. From the muthi-meecho times to its application with bhindi-ki-lace and maachis-ki-teeli, Mehandi has certainly evolved over the years and at Alankritaa, you adorn yourself with its timeless appeal.

We design Mehandi as an extension of ‘You’, an expression of your inner self and a reflection of your individuality. That’s precisely the reason why theme-based and distinctive figurine work lies at the very core of our range. Each Alankritaa design is made of unique stories specific to its individual clients, making it the most sought after by the brides-to-be and a source of inspiration for those to come.

About the Founder

Alankritaa is the story of what’s important to the bride in her life. Rashi Aggarwal, the driving force behind Alankritaa, puts her soul and energy into creating personalized designs for all her brides to ensure that each one of them feels extraordinary. And it was because of her insatiable quest for perfection that Alankritaa was born - the only corporate entity in the world of Mehandi art. For a woman who had adorned her first bride when she was 14 years old, it was natural that, as an entrepreneur, Rashi would seek to create a premium range of artwork exclusively focused on the personification of the peak of feminine beauty: the bride. Rashi’s personality, style and acute sense of art are apparent in every detail lovingly created for the bride.One can see her passion and ingenuity in her work. Her exquisite ideas and her neat hand exude an air of sophistication.

In a class of its own, Alankritaa mixes everyday with ceremonial. Rashi has taken loyal following on a journey to the roots of her creativity which have enabled her to come up with ideas and concepts to bring an aesthetic experience to her customers.

Why Alankritaa

True to her vision, Rashi has indeed re-defined Mehandi through her theme setting concept. Rest assured, the intricate ways in which we let your story unfold, through our favourite medium, henna, are sure to last a lifetime.

Also, because Alankritaa wants you to truly believe in what you carry in your hands!